08 - 10 March, 2016
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  • 7 Ways to Create Innovative Learning Spaces7 Ways to Create Innovative Learning Spaces
    When designing innovative new learning spaces, many schools are faced with difficult questions regarding what these new learning spaces should look like, how to create the business case and how to measure the improvement in student outcomes. To answer these questions, we spoke with seven of Asia’s leading educators and experts in next generation learning space design. Click the link above to download.
  • Nanjing International School’s Remarkable Learning SpacesNanjing International School’s Remarkable Learning Spaces
    Nanjing InternationalSchool (NIS) is one of China’s top ranked private schools and home to severalremarkable learning spaces. Rather than emphasising the number of projectors ineach classroom or the way each student has a laptop, NIS is pushing theboundaries regarding the traditional classroom set up. To learn more, we speak with LaurieMcLellan, the director of NIS, one of the driving forces behindthe conceptualisation and design of the school’s remarkable learning spaces. 
  • Asia’s Next Generation Learning SpacesAsia’s Next Generation Learning Spaces
    This ebook contains three case studies of Asia’s most innovative learning spaces: The Green School in Bali, Singapore German European School and the Western Academy of Beijing. This is your opportunity to understand the thinking and design process at each institution, by hearing from the educators themselves.
  • How to Design the WorldHow to Design the World's Best Kindergarten
    In this article we speak with Takaharu Tezuka, the brains behind Fuji Kindergarten, the world's most beautifully designed kindergarten.
  • 世界上最棒的幼儿园背后的秘密世界上最棒的幼儿园背后的秘密

  • Encouraging Student Voice in Classroom Design for Maximum EngagementEncouraging Student Voice in Classroom Design for Maximum Engagement
    This thought-provoking article explores how educators, encourage and leverage the student voice to create this engagement and enhance learning.
  • Remarkable Learning Spaces at the Green School BaliRemarkable Learning Spaces at the Green School Bali
    You have never seen a school like this before. In this presentation, John Stewart, Former Head of the Green School Bali, describes a new way of thinking about education and showcases the spectacular architecture of the Green School.